Monday, April 15, 2013

"close your eyes, baby"

About a year ago(sorry for the wait, guys), I was approached by a group with the intent of commissioning a poster from me. Not being all that busy at the time, I agreed, not knowing the flurry of activity I was about to step into.

So, whenever I had some free time, or a less busy time, I would chip away at this, send the group some updates and then promptly disappear for 3 months. So, if i ever agree to do a commission for you, know you are in for a long wait :)

Here are the previous entries in this blog detailing some of my process:

The group also wanted a variant, it was a late in the game decision and I hadn't planned for anything clever. I normally don't like any "swap out colors" variants, but I decided that a DVD variant would please the ALIENS super fans out there and it made me chuckle, so:

I'm really happy with the final results, they both have a metallic ink, green on the regular and gold on the variant, which really pops off the black paper.

The group at large and I wanted to give others a shot at owning one. So we cooked up a plan to put 1/1 AP editions up on Ebay and donate the proceeds.

The first auction is for the regular, and all proceeds go to the Boston Red Cross, to aid in relief of the current atrocity:

The second auction is for the variant, with all proceeds going to I got my start there, and am pleased as punch to give back:

The third auction, is for the original drawing above. All proceeds from that will go right into paying off the debt accrued while fixing up my house:

I'm so glad to finally have this print wrapped, to show it off and to give to some back to worthy causes.

Not bad, for a human.

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