Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"the battle at blackwater" AP sale

This Friday, between 11-12pm PST, I'll be selling 40 AP copies of my latest print, "the battle at blackwater" in my store. 20 of them will be just the print, for $50 plus $13 shipping US, $15 to Canada and Mexico, $23 international. All prints are signed and numbered by me.

I'll also have 20 copies of my April Fools day handbill to include as a set with "the battle at blackwater". A set will cost $70 plus shipping. I'll also have 5 handbills to sell on their own, for $20 each.

I wanted to get these up for sale asap so I can combine shipping for those of you who have "it's a dinosaur" or "the ancient one" coming. There are still some copies of the "the ancient one" up for sale, grab it while you can!

Best of luck to everyone on the drop!


  1. I purchased "the battle at blackwater" print but I cannot seem to find your signature anywhere on it. I see where you numbered it towards the bottom right but theres no signature to be found. Am I missing something?

    Also, is there a way to "charge" the glow in the dark portion of the print? It isnt as bright as I expected and I cannot make out the Stag image.

  2. Was it an AP? I've only signed the ones sold in my store...

    Once you charge it a couple of times, the ink will hold the glow for longer and be brighter. It can vary depending on how much ink got laid down on the paper, which can vary from print to print.

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