Tuesday, October 9, 2012

private commission process #2

Ok, so the group chose the queen's lair sketch and I'm moving forward with that.

First step I like to do is a value study. Values are super important, especially in doing print work with a limited palette of colors to choose from. A big part of what I find fun about screen printed posters is puzzling out how to achieve the most depth and detail possible with 3-4 colors to choose from... starting off with a strong sense of my values helps a lot.

This will wind up being printed on black paper. Right now I'm thinking I may be able to get away with 3 colors... blue, white and a pale orange... but, I think I'll try to add in a blue metallic base color to really get the walls and eggs and aliens looking shiny and slimy. Choosing colors is an agonizing process for me and something I do mostly at the very end... mostly. For now, I am mainly concerned with composition and value.

Speaking of composition, I think I'll move the queen forward quite a bit to close the gap between her and Ripley... I also wouldn't mind seeing more of her egg dispenser thing and those bitchin' bone support beams.

Next up, drawing stuff!


  1. You should add some glow in the dark flame thrower action.

  2. So this one won't be for sale to the general public?

  3. Awww.. Oh well. Hopefully you will do another Alien print for general sale at some point. "You are my Lucky Star" is probably the most favorite print I own, it edged out my metal Tyler Stout Robocop print. Keep up the awesome work and thank you!!

  4. Any chance we can see where this print is at now. Even though I can't own it I'd love to see the final when you're done.