Friday, August 9, 2013

"tell me you got that on tape"

This is one of the first prints I ever worked on, "tell me you got that on tape". It's 18x24, 3-color, $40, timed release and are on sale now! I abandoned it about 3/4ths of the way through the process and figured I'd get back to it at some point... my dance card got unexpectedly full for the next year and a half, so, it basically got abandoned.

Then, while I was in the middle of working on my solo show, David Sanacore got in touch with me about Made for Moore, a fundraising effort to benefit people who lost their homes in the Oklahoma tornadoes which devastated the city of Moore, OK.

I was a bit too busy to do much, maybe donate something to their already stellar Ebay auction site. Though, I found myself drawn to the cause, as I had recently been displaced from my own home for over half a year. I know what it is like to be without hope and ripped from your place of security. I also know what it is like for the poster community at large to step up and SAVE YOUR ASS.

It was time for me to dust off that old print I was so excited about when I came home from the movies last year and step up as much as I could to support other folks who are feeling as devastated as I was when I returned home only to find heartbreak.

They will be available until sometime on Sunday. ALL proceeds go to Central OK Humane Society and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. BUY ONE!


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