Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fringe print sale update!

I picked up my copies of "over there", the poster I designed for the Fringe Benefits and I'll be selling them in my store this Saturday, February 2nd, between 10-11am PST.

I have 25, total, but I won't be selling all of them. I'll be selling 15 on the second, keeping 5 for myself, friends and family. The other 5, I'll be randomly inserting with future orders.

My family and I returned from a holiday trip to visit family in Canada to our new house, close on it in October of last year, and it was a flooded mess. A pipe had bust while we were away, destroying all of the walls and floors upstairs. My work space is downstairs, as is my wife's(she is a fashion designer and has a lot of expensive, industrial sewing machines, not to mention giant rolls of fabric), the water just rained down from the floor above and ruined everything.

Movers have taken everything salvageable to storage and once the contractor gets a budget from our insurance, they can rip up all of the walls and floors, then start rebuilding. In the meantime, the wife and I have been trying to keep our spirits up and get whatever work done we can under the circumstances.

I'll be trying to raise some funds to cover whatever insurance doesn't... it looks like they will cover most all of the rebuilding, but personal and business losses are only covered up to a certain point.

So, I'm going to sell the Fringe posters at around market value to raise some cash. I looked on Ebay to try to get an idea what they are going for and then came down from that. I'll be selling them for $150 each with a sketch of your choice in the margin.

The remain 5 posters will be randomly inserted into an upcoming sale of a poster I'll be making specifically to raise funds to cover losses as well. That will be a timed release, on sale for 24 hours so everyone who wants a print and a shot at a free Fringe poster can get one .

Here's a peek at a potential sketch for the timed release:


  1. I'm so sorry for all the damage - I really feel for you all. Losing all the supplies and such was one of the hardest punches for me. It's expensive and irreplaceable. But your art is amazing and you'll make what you can back!

  2. Hey Mark, its Troy Ostgarden from Twitter. I have talked to you a few times and showed you my framed prints. Sorry to hear about your housing mess and everything got ruined. If that is any indication that you are doing a Jurassic Park print im all over it in a second and totally crossing my fingers for a Fringe print. i saw one the moment i realized you made them. Good luck and i will spread the word about your timed release!

  3. I was waiting for that for a long time and you're finally selling them. I love Fringe and I was so much disappointed to miss the Fringe Benefits' selling for this poster. It's so creative. But at $150 … I just can't afford it. I'm just a simple student. But good luck anyway =)

  4. Man, I really wanted one of those. I can't believe it was gone in a millisecond. Oh well. Hopefully this next print is what I think it is and I can buy one of those and get a chance to get the fringe on. By the way, hope everything goes well with insurance and your house.