Saturday, June 15, 2013

"hudson river damn" process

Here are some progress shots I saved of my latest print, "hudson river damn" while I worked on it:

I laid in the color of the blue paper first, then drew the turtle in... Once I worked up a strong enough silhouette, I blocked out the basic shapes of the turtle so that I could quickly select and shade in the finer details:

Satisfied with how the Turtle was looking, I moved on the the foreground. I wanted to subtly convey the danger of the environment, putting the Turtle into the jaws of death.

I moved on to the background rocks, and then a layer of rocks even further back. Underwater scenes can be tricky and I spent a lot of time on details that I knew would wind up mostly obscured, but needed to be there in order to sell the illusion of depth and hazy, deep water. Around this time I also decided to shorten the Turtles leg a bit and remove the reflected light on his underside to pop him forward more... after toiling away on lots of pinks plants and atmospheric lighting, I arrived at the final.

I originally had some bubbles and water disturbance around the turtle... but, I thought it made it read too much like a scuba diver and not a creature at home underwater. May as well have put bubbles coming from the mouths of the other turtles as well :P

Thanks for taking a closer look at my process with me! I'll have some pictures and details for the AP editions very soon.


  1. Was there ever any word on this going up for websale anywhere? Would love to get my hands on a copy, brings back some painful memories...

    1. The original run sold out at the iam8bit show over its opening weekend, between people buying at the show and calling in to order. Never made it online.


    2. That is a pity.

      Tricky comments system...


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