Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"kraken" new print and process shots

My buddy, Jeremy Haun contacted me awhile back to contribute to an anthology he was putting together via Kickstarter called Bad Karma. It didn't take me long to agree to contributing a pinup, which turned into a slipcase cover for the hardcover edition of the book and also a limited edition screen print.

The screen print is 12x36, 5 colors and a run of 100. 50 of them will be on sale at booth AA BOOTH 820 at Heroes Con the 7th, 8th and 9th! I'll also have some to sell on my site, at some point. Here's a look at the nifty slipcase, hardcover edition of the book:

Getting the image to crop down to comic book cover dimensions and still look good wasn't all that easy to plan out.

Also, the pinup is not a full 12x36, so a bunch of the image gets cropped on either side... you'll be able to see my guidelines when I post the process pictures.

Speaking of process shots, lets start with this one:

I was originally going to have some distant mountains, but realized after I roughed in the shapes that it would be distracting from tentacles coming out of the ground. I also started off with a samurai on a horse and planned to have silhouettes of all of the main characters in the anthology standing on the mountaintop in the foreground.

I've taken out the background mountain range, and added a canyon for the tentacles to pop out of. I was pretty happy with this, but as soon as I started roughing in the tentacle shapes and rendering them out, I realized that having a bunch of guys all standing in the foreground was really distracting and felt way too busy.

I tried whittling down the silhouettes, I was too attached to the dang samurai I spent so much time on and refused to entertain the notion of the removing him to make the piece stronger. I was also going a bit crazy with the clouds, trying to really sell the scale of the tentacles... Also, two tentacles just weren't enough.

So, I sucked it up and drew two more tentacles, but I was not happy with them blending into the ground so much and I didn't want to add more colors to fix that. So, adding water was just the solution I needed... I also needed to get rid of all those dang clouds.

The water added the depth and scale that I wasn't achieving with the clouds and the canyons. The water splashes also added a lot of motion to a fairly static image. I felt really close to done at this point and decided to sleep on it... once I came back, I just messed around with the water splashes a bit and decided to soften the foreground a little bit so it didn't look so separate from the background.

Voila! All done, except for the tedious task of separating it all out for printing, that is, sigh.


  1. This is amazing! It's even more amazing because I know from experience that leaflet printing is no easy task. It was worth the effort though, I think ;)

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