Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"hudson river damn" AP sale!

Ever since the print I did for the latest iam8bit show sold out before the online sale, I've a lot of folks asking if I would have any to sell in my store. The answer is, "yes" but, there is a bit more to it than that... I'll have 4 editions to sell, the one above, as well as 3 variants, with one minor change:

I'll have 10 copies of each turtle, only change is the bandanna color... so, it's 5 colors, 12x36, printed on blue Mohawk 80# cover. The price will $70 each, $13 shipping US, $15 to Canada or Mexico and $23 International. They will go on sale in my store this Friday, June 21st sometime in the AM, PST.

These orders will take a bit of time to ship, since I'm nearly halfway through shipping out the massive orders of "it's a dinosaur" and "the ancient one". Of course, if you have any outstanding orders with I can combine the shipping... if you need it right away, let me know and I can get it out to you sooner.

Also, no sketches with these. I have too many to do and they would be on a separate piece of paper anyway. Once I am all caught up, I'm thinking of offering up a limited number of sketch commissions in my store and you can get your TMNT related sketch at that time.

Best of luck on the drop!

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