Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"the battle at blackwater"

My newest print, "the battle at blackwater" was debuted last Sunday over at will be part of an amazing all glow in the dark themed show, "When The Lights Go Out" over at the Bottleneck gallery in NY. it's a run of 225, 12x36, 4 colors plus glow in the dark ink.

The Bottleneck gallery actually has black lights set up, so every so often they can switch off the regular lights, turn on the black lights and all of the art will glow at the same time, awesome!

"the battle at blackwater" is a tribute to one of the best scenes in any book or television show ever. I enlisted the help of my buddy Chris Piers, one of the hosts of the Television Zombies podcast, to make sure I didn't miss anything important. He is a bit of an expert on the subject matter and it's great to have an expert pair of eyes to bounce ideas back and forth with.

I'm really proud of this one, and I see it as a piece that bookends my first year doing posters. I designed the glow in the dark to recall my first print, "det er en slags ting". It's been an amazing year and I'm so glad to cap it off with this poster.

I'll have APs to sell in my store at some point. Because the border is a very dark brown, I'll most likely offer sketches on a separate piece of baseball card size bristol board.


  1. Hoooooooly crap this is spectacular. Please make this available for sale!!!! The glowing is just too cool for words. Love it!

  2. This sold out in seconds online, any chance there will be more?

  3. I'll have 40 or so to sell in my store... I'll write up a blog post to announce when.

  4. You wouldn't happen to have any of those laying around would you? I got the dragon one and it's insane...I need it's counterpart but the only one I can find is at a bonkers price on eBay from an art reseller </3

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