Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"the ancient one"

Well, my newest print came sooner than I planned, but I had a kind and generous offer from P&L printing to print these up at the same time as "it's a dinosaur" so, figured I'd put them up for sale so people who order both can save on shipping.

Also, if you ordered, "it's a dinosaur", in addition to combining your shipping, I'll refund another $5 off of your order!

It's a 12x24, 5-color hand-pulled screen print with one metallic... a very tiny metallic. The run size will match "it's a dinosaur" and there is no limit to how many you can buy.

Like I said in my previous blog entry, this piece just started as a random sketch and just gelled. I'm still in the middle of two crazy comic book coloring deadlines, but while I waited for pages to color I'd chip away at this and it all came together without much difficulty. I guess that speaks to how much this image has been ingrained in my mind.

I won't be putting the original up for sale, as it's already spoken for, but the prints will go on sale at 10am PST, Wednesday, February 6th. Click here to go to the purchase page.

I'll also be throwing in some free 6x8 handbills. I'll let the final image be a surprise, but here is a sneak peek at those:

It's been a trying time for me and my family, but the support and my friends, family and fans has really kept us going. Never give up and good luck will find you!

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