Sunday, February 17, 2013

"For Your Consideration" release day recap

My family and I had an amazing time at Gallery 1988 for the release of the Django Unchained print I did for The Academy. We got up early and head over to the gallery to do some press. I did three interviews for various folks, including live on the red carpet that will be broadcast during the Oscar pre-show!

My Dad happened to be in town from Florida, and being a professional photographer, took all the pictures I'm posting here. It was a great bonus to see him there and for him to get to see the whole thing go down.

Jensen and Katie organized this whole thing with the Academy and I can't thank them enough for getting me on board.

The whole day went super smooth and I decided to stick around and sign posters across the street at the other gallery location for anyone who wanted their posters signed. Saw lots of familiar faces and lots of folks from expressobeans. You all waited a couple hours in the sun to grab my poster and I'm damn grateful to have the best fans a fella could ask for.

The Oscars already posted their video for the event.

Gallery 1988 will have one as well as the upcoming red carpet special... I'll post those here whenever they make it online.

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