Sunday, May 25, 2014

"i'm here to rescue you" Tatooine and Endor variants!

Today, two variants of my Star Wars poster, "i'm here to rescue you" went on sale here. Star Wars out on May 25th, 1977... so, as tip of the hat to that date, they will be on sale for 77 hours and cost $50 each.

 The Tatooine variant is the same image as the regular, minus the glow in the dark layer. It features neon ink for the orange in the sky and metallic gold in the foreground.

The Endor variant is the glow in the dark layer from the regular version, converted into a full color image and printed on black paper.

I also was interviewed by! You can read that here. Dan Brooks did a great write up and it's well worth reading.

Since I'm writing a blog post anyway, I figure I'll go ahead and share some process shots:

Here's the original sketch I submitted... I followed it almost exactly, but I did mess around with the idea of having a sandcrawler in the background to help esatblish some depth. In the end, I replaced that with R2-D2 high-tailing it over to Obi-Wan right under Luke's nose. The water vaporators did a fine job establishing depth in the final.

I submitted the GID at the same time... which also stayed fairly true to the final. I originally had a speeder bike, as it helped say, "This is Endor, everyone." I also imagined Luke had to get Vader's body to the bonfire site somehow... Vader is heavy, after all. In the end, I figured he wouldn't have strayed too far after landing the shuttle Luke used to flee the Death Star II... especially after figuring out that dragging Vader along the smooth floors of the battle station  is much easier than the uneven terrain of the forest moon.

I also submitted a color rough, just to give them a better idea of what I had in my head. It was also a useful tool to predict the number of colors I would use in the end.

Once again before I sign off, the variants are on sale here and will continue to be on sale until Wednesday May 28th at 3pm PDT. Don't miss out if you want one, or both!


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