Monday, May 14, 2012

"they all float" update

First batch of "they all float" prints came in today so I've set to work signing, numbering and making the variants... 

Here's a look at it glowing in the dark:


  1. They are not available in the store anymore?

  2. All sold out, I'm afraid... there may be an AP sale sometime in the future.

    1. You should alert your past buyer first of when you will put your posters up for sale. I emailed you two months ago and you said that they would go up in March. I waited and didn't see them up. Now I find them on eBay and when I come to your store they are sold out.

      Every artist that sells prints online does this; they email previous customers first just to let them know when the poster will be up.

    2. If you look on my blog, there is "follow by email" button where you can enter your email and get email updates. That's probably the best way to keep informed.

  3. Thanks, I will do this. Keep up the great work. Funny how you nailed two of the most meaningful horror movies to me as a child. I wonder what you'll do next (Candy Man?, Pet Semetary? The Exorcist? The Exorcist III where the killer walks out of the room with the bed cloths on him qand kills the girl?????).

    Really really cool stuff.

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