Thursday, March 20, 2014

new eden

My latest print, titled "new eden" comes out through Bottleneck Gallery's latest group show, When The Lights Go Out 2, this Saturday, March 22nd. There's also an online preview sale this Friday, March 21st at 12PM EST here.

I really wanted to capture that feeling of being on a beautiful beach, but something is a bit off... and you're looking for a girl, she's nearby, but you can't quite find her.

So you wander around the environment and just take it all in until you finally spot her.

It's 20 x 30, 6 colors, the dark blue of the water is metallic and there is a glow in the dark layer, which looks like this:

Poured my heart and soul into this print... I am in awe of and in love with these worlds and they deserved nothing less than my best effort. Here are some detail shots of the glow in the dark:

It'll set you back $60 for the regular, there is also a variant for $75. It's the same as the regular, but features a different glow in the dark layer, which looks like this:

The regular is a run of 200 and there are 50 variants. I envy everyone attending the actual gallery show, as they have black lights set up that they switch on periodically and all of the pieces start glowing like nuts:

The opening reception will take place from 7pm-10pm at 60 Broadway in Brooklyn, NY. Glow sticks will be available as well.

Would you kindly buy my print?


  1. I'll take one for the team and buy one Mark. Since you asked so nicely ;)

    Seriously though, beautiful artwork. You absolutely did this game justice

  2. You continue to outdo yourself. Also I think you use glow-in-the-dark ink much better than anyone else. Few people could do the worlds of Rapture/Columbia justice. You knocked it out of the park. Keep up the amazing work!

  3. Will this piece be included in your suscription?

    1. Yes, only the regular... variant is gallery exclusive.

  4. Damn - 10 minutes and already sold out. Any chance of getting one after the gallery show?

  5. It sold out after one minute. I know, I was at the last screen at 11:02. Frustrating but understandable considering how amazing this piece is. If you ever do a second run I'd be right there.

  6. I've never wanted to buy a piece of art so badly.

  7. yeah i agree with yall i was there while it showed that it was sold out 1min after the preview when it was on the site, and then just now again after 1min after this release on the site. amazing print, really wanted this one, people are lucky to have one. congrats to those that beat us to them. and to those selling them on ebay obviously dont respect this artwork and just bought it to make a profit smh. well anyway any chance you will be making more prints?

  8. While I was making up my mind about buying one, they got sold out. Are they sold out for good?

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

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