Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"world's best boss"

My latest print is probably my most obscure yet... it's also my first giclee. I had a sample copy printed before I gave the go ahead and it looks gorgeous in person! It's 18x24, run of 100 and will be on sale this Thursday, the 16th at 12 noon EST over at the Bottleneck Gallery website

Thursday night, we say goodbye to one of the most consistently funny sitcoms on the air, The Office. I've been there since the beginning, as scoffed at the idea just like any else who was a fan of the original British version... I was very happy to be proven wrong.

One of my favorite things about the series is that it wasn't afraid of a happy ending... Jim and Pam's relationship being a great example. When Michael Scott left Dunder Mifflin, it was a sad, but ultimately happy occasion. He went through a lot to be with Holly and those characters went off to live happily ever after.

The print is my attempt to show Michael and Holly, about to go and live their lives together... while acknowledging that Michael will always be part of the Scranton branch of Dundler Mifflin. I based my poster on a poster that is actually in the manager's office. I eyeballed the basic shapes from this jpeg, which resulted in this:
From there, I drew the rest without looking at anything... well, except for the silhouettes of the figures. This will be the third print in a row, following "the ancient one" and "no ship should go down without her captain" that I've painted from scratch, using no photos at all in the final product. It's an exciting push forward for me and I'm looking forward to pushing it even further.

That's what she said.


Here are some pictures of the actual printed piece, so you can get a sense of how my stuff looks when printed as a giclee. Although, the lighting in my office isn't ideal for picture taking:

I'm very pleased with how it turned out. The detail is astounding and the colors are very vibrant.


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