Thursday, May 30, 2013


The two prints I released to raise funds for my house flood, "it's a dinosaur" and "the ancient one" both came with free handbills. I wanted to keep them a surprise, but enough people have received theirs and posted pictures online, that I figure it's fine to go ahead and do a proper blog post showing the handbills off.

The first one goes with "it's a dinosaur", the next two are included with "the ancient one":

They are all 6x8, printed with gold metallic ink and included with every order of the print they go with... even if someone ordered 10 copies of "the ancient one" they'd get 10 sets of handbills. 

Speaking of "the ancient one", you can still order it in my store and each order will come with the 2 handbills above.


  1. Have all The Ancient One orders shipped?

  2. Nope... I'm about 200 deep on about 600 tubes to ship between dinosaur and turtle prints. I'm getting there, but I'm just one guy :P

  3. If you ever need an assistant let me know! haha. Id love to move away from North Dakota! :D

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