Saturday, October 6, 2012

"the oldest and most mighty race in the universe" updates!

I just got a test print in the mail of my newest print, released through LtDedition, "the oldest and most mighty race in the universe"... 50 of these, with a glow in the dark ink layer, sold out in seconds during a pre-order sale in August. 200, without glow in the dark, are on sale tomorrow at 9pm BST(12 noon PST)! It's 65$ US, with free shipping to anywhere in the world.

I took some pics, but I can't quite capture how bright and vivid the fluorescent inks are:

If you miss out tomorrow, I'll have 50, with glow in the dark, to sell myself in the future. Those 50 will come with hand-finishing; I'll draw silhouettes of the Doctor/Companion team, or villain of your choice standing in the right area of the image. 

I will also offer a limited number of people who don't buy my copies to get their posters hand-finished, so don't feel the need to wait for mine to go on sale if you really want the hand-finishing.

If I have time today, I'll draw something on this test print. 

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