Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"let's see if you bastards can do ninety"

My newest print was announced today, my first collaboration with Mondo and Universal , based on Back to the Future, "let's see if you bastards can do ninety"!

First things first; I know that Marty had already stumbled down the hill when he witnessed himself going back to 1955. Also, that it may have been 1:35am when the jump actually happened, but 1:34am was the last time seen on screen, so I wanted to stay true to that. I also did a bit of landscaping to the trees and bushes, as I thought they were pretty ugly in the movie and something had to be done about the mall signage... calling it "JP Pinney" wasn't going to cut it for me :P

So, Back to the Future nerd stuff aside, I am a huge, devoted fan of all three movies. I've been to every shooting location as I am lucky enough to have grown up in Southern California and my Mom even attended high school at Whittier Union High. I spent my younger years seeing each flick in the theater, my teenage years endlessly dissecting the logic of the time travel and the majority of my life perfecting a flawless Crispin Glover impression.

When I got the offer to not only work with Mondo, but on Back the the Future, I immediately had an idea, which basically turned into the final print. Doc lies murdered on the ground, Marty hops into the DeLorean, the Libyans give chase and eventually pull out a rocket launcher, Marty delivers the titular line of the poster and bam, that wondrous Silvestri theme kicks into full gear for the first time in the movie and with 1.21 gigawatt explosion, Marty's life is changed forever.

It's such a powerful moment, that they do it twice in the same movie. It gives me chills every time I think about it and I couldn't be happier to have paid tribute to it. I will have APs of both version eventually and they will be signed/sketched versions.

Good luck to everyone trying for one of these tomorrow! Always remember, if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. 


  1. Can we see a youtube of the Glover impression?

  2. Thanks for doing this poster Mark, it's a great design.

    Still I couldn't help but notice that in the poster there is a light pole missing on the left side of Doc's truck, as it was in the movie. But I am guessing as you mentioned about making changes to the landscapes, you left the light pole out to be less obstructive.

    The problem with showing 1:34 am is that it becomes inaccurate, as during that time the Libyans' truck and DeLorean were still on the other side of Doc's truck, there were not in chase mode. But I can understand why you went with that choice.

  3. Yeah, like I said in the post iself, there are some things that the BttF nerd in me cringed at but I did them for the overall good of the piece.

    That said, the light poles are accounted for. I think the one you are missing is the one going up past the top of the print.

  4. Yeah noticed that it is placed at the right side of the truck instead, while it was on the left side of the truck in the movie.
    Visible right above the word "Mall" in the above pic.

    I will stop with the nitpicking now :). Hopefully I'll score a poster tomorrow, if not the AP then.

  5. Damn, I saw the tweet right as it was posted and still didn't get one. Got sold out right as I was checking out.

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