Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"the oldest and most mighty race in the universe"

My newest print debuted today on It's a run of 150, 18x24, 4 colors with fluorescent inks and will be $65 with free shipping through

This Sunday, at 1pm PST at there will be a pre-sale for the first 50, which will glow in the dark:

The rest of the edition, which doesn't glow in the dark, will go on sale in early October.

Sometime in the future, I'll have 50 or so APs to sell. These will also be glow in the dark and be hand finished. I'll reveal the exact nature of those at a later date when I've had a chance to make sure my idea will work.

1 comment:

  1. Couldn't land this one (at least GID) since I was in the mountains of western Montana and it about broke my heart. Really hoping I can score an AP.

    Great work, Mark. Seriously. I'd be proud to hang this one up in the office or in a family room. Wishing you all the best going forward (in what I hope is a very satisfying, very lucrative career).