Friday, May 18, 2012

"this is my farm...i'll die here" update

Ok, finally finished the glow in the dark layer, so I can announce the final run I have in mind for this print!

First, there will be 250 regulars $50 each, 12x36, 4 colors plus glow in the dark inks:

The glow in the dark will look like this, some of it will be a bit obscured, mainly the zombies in the left corner, but rest should show up just great:

There will be 50 regulars with a sketch of your choice in the margin, those will cost $80 each.

There's will also be 50 zombie portrait sketches, also in the margin. I will draw you as a zombie! I can even squeeze couples in, maybe even a family. No zombie animals, but I can draw something like your pug dragging your zombified head across the floor by the hair. These will cost $100 each and the first 25 will be on sale this Saturday, the 19th, sometime between 10-11am PST in my store.

So, a total run of 350 regs, the sketched versions will not be numbered separately and the lower numbers will be reserved for those who buy a variant and regular, so they can have matching sets.

Speaking of the variant, there will be 75 variant sets, $125 each. The variant is printed with gray and black inks and will look like this:

There will no glow in the dark ink on the variant. Instead, you will get an additional print, 12x36 on black paper with white ink, which will look like this:

There will also be a small amount of variants with sketches available for $150 each. No sketches on the black paper print.

Hopefully this clears up any questions regarding this print. They should go on sale sometime towards the end of June, maybe very early July.

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